Did you know that spirit sales make up for the majority of alcohol sales in the United States? As with most industries though, we are bound to see the numbers change within the next few years to come. There is no surprise that alcoholic beverages play a big part in the ebb and flow of our culture of drinking.

Within the past year alone, society has undergone a major shift. People have changed their lives as a result of the pandemic, altered how they handle health care, and yes, even how they drink alcohol has changed. The following are some of the most recent news stories in the alcoholic beverages industry.

Here’s what has been going on in the beverage industry as of late:

  • Digital Distribution

  • Increase in Seltzer Distribution

  • High-end Spirits Demand

  • Brewing of Craft Beer

  • Wine Consumption

Digital Distribution

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale of alcohol online skyrocketed as millions of people spent time indoors. The requirement for high quality alcohol to be readily available online has drastically increased even though purchasing alcohol online has been an option for most people since forever. The convenience of receiving their favorite bourbon delivered right at their door would be hard to resist, wouldn’t it?

With the rise of online alcohol sales, trendy companies like Drizly and Thirstie are gaining popularity. To earn your share of the online alcohol boom, you should invest in high-quality liquors and spirits.

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Increase in Seltzer Distribution

Seltzers, typically added to mix drinks, have taken over the alcoholic beverage industry in the past year. With White Claws leading the way in early 2020, brands such as Bud Light, and Kaló, have created handcrafted seltzers in a variety of flavor choices. A quick, easy, and delicious way to consume alcohol, these seltzers are taking the alcohol market by storm.

More and more distilleries and bars are beginning to serve seltzers as a regular alcoholic beverage. Even outside of your local bars, you will likely be able to find a White Claw Bud Light Seltzer or a Truly.

High-end Spirits Demand

A rising demand for high quality spirits has accompanied the rise in sake popularity within the alcoholic beverage industry. Additionally, as craft cocktail bars’ popularity has grown, there is a greater demand for fine liquor to create complex, custom-made beverages, which causes more liquor to be purchased within such establishments. As a result of larger orders from craft cocktail establishments, the spirit alcohol industry as a whole gets more money.

A large increase in home-sale sales of spirits has been recorded as the general public’s interest was inflated by COVID-19. Consequently, people have been attracted to in-home craft cocktails that mimic these artisan craft drinks. Investing in spirits this year is a wise move due to the increasing popularity and demand for fine liquor.

Brewing of Craft Beer

Craft beer has become increasingly popular at home as more and more craft breweries become accessible to the masses. In this regard, both craft beer and high quality spirits are continuing to grow. As consumers get more adventurous, it is becoming less important to drink the typical beer flavours and styles. Since our culture has increased its creativity over the last few years, there has been an increase in demand for craft beer. We can only expect the demand for craft beer to continue!

Wine Consumption

A wine bottle is most likely to conjure up images of a glass bottle filled with red wine and a cork. However, non-bottled wine options have increased in the past year. As an example, consider wine in a bottle or can. Over the last year, boxed and canned wines have become increasingly popular as alcohol consumption at home has increased with COVID-19.

Now that wine can be purchased in bulk boxes and smaller sized cans, consumers are able to enjoy their favorite merlots in any volume deemed appropriate for their at-home consumption needs. This trend of alcoholic beverages doesn’t seem to be losing any steam, whether you are joining a work-related happy hour and need a small bottle of wine or you are hosting a social barbecue and require a large bottle of wine.

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