Building and developing a new product takes time, dedication and money. Having access to the right financial resources can help improve chances for success. With funding, you can invest in yourself to make improvements to the products, operations, and team. Most companies find this financing solution through venture capital firms.

When a start-up or established business needs funding, they are looking for “capital.” They seek out investors who have money that they are willing to give to others with an opportunity to make a profit on all future sales. These investors are called venture capitalists and are usually in it for the long haul. These investments can be risky, but they do have a substantial payoff. Due to the high risk, most capitalists expect to have a say in major business decisions.

If you’re needing more information about securing funding, these are some of the larger firms investing in the beverage sector.

21 Investors

Venture Capitalist firm 21 Investors has been working for over 25 years with mid-marketing companies all over the world. They’ve made over 80 investments in that time and work on a global scale. They utilize local management companies to help maintain portfolios. This kind of approach ensures success with individualized attention.

Sherbrooke Capital

Sherbrooke Capital’s primary focus is on investing exclusively with “emerging consumer companies” that are already producing a product. They typically invest in businesses that are generating somewhere between the $5 and $25 million but they never usually give more than $10 million to any given company. Their main demographic is healthy food and beverages.

Great Oaks

Located in New York, Great Oaks has made over 200 investments since 2005. They are looking for companies who are in the earlier stages of development in the health, technology, and the food and beverage industry. They tout themselves as one of “the most active seed investors” and usually invest between $50,000 and $500,000 in seed or Series A financing.

Tate and Lyle Ventures

Tate and Lyle Ventures has a slightly different approach to investing in the food and beverage sector. Launched in 2006, they like to work with companies who focus on the science and technology aspect that help consumers be and stay healthy.  They are willing to put in £1 to £2 million if the company is anticipating a similar amount from other firms.

JMK Consumer Growth Partners

Looking to partner with “ambitious” brands, JMK is a venture capital firm willing to contribute $1 to $5 million. They’re ferociously dedicated to choosing lifestyle brands that have a dedicated following and are committed to their customer base. JMK invests in companies that are generating at least $2 million in revenue.


In the game since 1989, Catteron has made over 200 investments. They have around $15 million set aside to help mid-marketing companies find seed money. They are probably one of the largest names on the list with a strong track record in private equity investments. Catterton’s segments include major sectors like Food and Beverage.

Distill Ventures

Since 2013, Distill Ventures has invested over £60 million. The firm was “created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.” They only invest in alcoholic drinks, but they are willing to work with any type excluding beer and wine. Before investing, clients must demonstrate a clear business plan and be prepared to accept help if they are just getting started.

Brindiamo Group

Consulting agency Brindiamo Group delivers full-service solutions for those investing in the alcohol beverage sector. They have experience in mergers, acquisitions, and management buy-outs. In some instances, the company will also invest. Brindiamo Group has a results-driven focus, which means they only take on clients that can deliver results. An approach like this minimizes financial risk and increases the opportunity for success.

Brindiamo Group helps clients in every way they can and utilize their extensive network in the adult beverage industry to achieve success. Learn more about partnering Brindiamo Group by visiting our website.