Our Clients


What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

We’ve talked a lot about transparency, so we want to give you the chance to hear from our clients first hand!


“Jeff and the Brindiamo Group have been invaluable partners and advisors in making connections and setting strategy to help grow Boston Harbor Distillery.”

- Rhonda Kallman
Founder & CEO, Boston Harbor Distillery


“Jeff is an exceptional individual, extremely trustworthy, and has some of the best connections in this industry. Brindiamo has been helping us almost since the very beginning—it’s been great to work with an old friend and a wonderful partner.”

- David Mandell
Founder & CEO, Bardstown Bourbon


“I appreciate Brindiamo’s philosophy. They recognize that there is no clear-cut path to success—it’s all about figuring out how to get where you want to be. They are very laid back in their approach, like, ‘Hey, let’s sit down, talk it out, and see what we can do.’”

- Dixon Dedman
Founder & CEO, Kentucky Owl Bourbon

Recent Transactions

Check out the latest entries on the Brindiamo resume…


Sell Side Advisory, equity investment from Constellation Brands


Sell Side Advisory, equity investment from private investors


Sell Side Advisory, sold to North Coast Spirits LLC


Sell Side Advisory, sold to Sazerac North America, Inc.


Advisory Service, sold to SPI Group (Stoli)

Sell Side Advisory, equity investment from private investors


Buy Side Advisory, sold to Amber Beverage Group


Buy Side Advisory, sold to Handcrafted Distributing