7 Startups Shaking Up the Alcohol Beverage Industry

Beverage startups are successfully gaining venture capital. The funding is competing with its sister startups in the food sector. In the past year alone, $300 million has been sunk into alcoholic beverage companies. The money is being used by a variety of businesses offering consumers a unique and interactive way to engage with adult beverages. From curated online selections of wines to at-home brewing kits, there's a little something for everyone to get involved.

1. iGulu

Craft brewing beer from your home is made more convenient with this homebrewing kit from iGulu. The team behind the startup took the initiative to create a machine with advanced chip technology that accurately controls the steps of the brewing process. Users also get access to an online library of recipes. The company started off with a $100K goal on Kickstarter but managed to raise upwards of $700K.

2. Cavissima

This one is great for wine connoisseur who doesn't have access to storage wine cellars. Cavissima allows users to purchase wine then, if they so choose, store the wine in nearby cellars. What makes this process unique is the conditions of the cellars. They provide an atmosphere ideal for aging wine and developing them to each customer's taste. Delivery is free, but there is a monthly charge for storage.

3. BeatBox Beverages

This startup managed to grow in revenue from $230,000 to $2 million in 14 months. BeatBox Beverages targets an ageless community of individuals who prefer to pack single serve alcoholic beverages for their music festivals and sporting events. Their success peaked after an appearance on Shark Tank and receiving $1 million investment deal from Mark Cuban. The company is now integrating themselves with updated packaging and marketing to appeal to a broader audience.


ONEHOPE Wine was created for those who want to indulge in beautiful wines while also giving back. The company was started by eight friends who had an idea to sell high-quality wines while still doing good for the community. Wine selections are completed by two head winemakers who combine old traditions with new marketing. Donations from the sales span a mix of sectors including:

  • Children

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Health

  • Veterans

The company is very transparent about where the donations go and openly display the information on their website. To date, they have made more than $3 million in donations.


Direct to consumer alcoholic beverages are making grounds in Europe and slowly paving a way in the U.S. One of the brands tackling this new venture is startup WINC. It's a monthly subscription service for consumers with tailored suggestions based off an online quiz. A selection of questions and answers determines taste. The algorithms match consumers with suggested wines who then rate the bottles after they've tried them. Once they've been evaluated, the algorithm can better recommend wines that are curated to each user's preference.

6. Saucey

Another company taking the plunge into alcohol delivery is Saucey. Starting in Los Angeles, the online business ships a variety of wines, beers, and spirits to your home. The goal is to be all-inclusive, and the company can make suggestions about sides to complement your drink choices delivered alongside your beverage selection. Going a step even further, you can book a bartender to work your event by going online or downloading their mobile app. Right now, delivery is limited to select cities, but with $4.5 million received in funding, the platform plans to expand.


For the beer enthusiasts, UNTAPPD is an app the connects drinkers to their favorite beer and makes suggestions. The experience is interactive. Once you sign up, you can check in and rate beers in and around your neighborhood. The app will also make suggestions based on your profile and preference to expand your palette. Along the way, you'll unlock badges and meet a community of individuals as passionate about IPAs and Pale Ales as you. UNTAPPD will also show you just where you can find your favorite drinks. Perfect for when you're traveling and want to grab something at the end of a long day.

Alcohol Beverage Startups

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