Options Beyond the Obvious: Brindiamo Group for Startups

Passion drives success. The determination for creating a new product and making room in a crowded market requires a certain spark. The adult beverage industry presents a lot of opportunity for growth. It's a booming business. But regardless of how much passion you have for the company and product you want to create, you will eventually need investors.

Brindiamo Group has helped various startups in the adult beverage industry find success on a global scale. In some cases, there were opportunities to work with clients directly as investors. Committing to these startups includes supplementary services such as sourcing, marketing, branding, and building strategies.

The expertise provided only improves chances for success. So how do you stand-out to someone like Brindiamo Group. We've put together some areas most investors would look for in a CEO for a startup adult beverage company.

What Investors Look for in a Business

Do you have a vision?

Whether or not you have a tangible product, investors want to see your vision. Speaking, engaging, and displaying the enthusiasm for how you are about to revolutionize your area of the market will improve your chances of impressing those that matter. Explain to them why your product is essential and how it will change the lives of the consumer. This vision can include numbers. If you plan on making $2 million, walk them down the path of how that will materialize.

Is there a solid business plan?

Creativity and innovation are just the first characteristics leading towards success. Pragmatism towards establishing and moving your business forward will impress investors. Have your business plan in place. This should include everything from expected overhead to your logo colors. Having this document worked out means you have a reference when hit with hard questions about building your business.

Is there a sense of realism?

Investors are numerically inclined. Hitting them will a large, impressive sum won't amount to much if there isn't evidentiary support. Show them your work and how you forecasted this number. Include in this report the estimated time-frame you need to hit these financial goals.

Do you display integrity?

The CEO of a new business needs to impart a sense of integrity when talking about their product. Investors will hit hard with questions to understand what they are putting their money. When asked a question you don't know the answer to don't lie. They will be able to tell. Secondly, try not to seem railroaded. Let them know you will look into it and get back to them with an answer.

Have you shown a willingness to learn?

Meeting with an investor is almost like a job interview. While you want to demonstrate your influence over your founded research, these investors will have a lot to teach you. Show them you are flexible towards learning new skills and information. They will want to help, and a smart CEO will accept their guidance.

Is your team going to support you?

It's not expected for every start-up to have first-hand experience working in the beverage industry. But maybe you know where your blind spots are in the industry. Have you taken the time to fill it with people who do understand? Showing your willingness to better yourself and company through the hiring of a supportive team displays your sincerity.

Do you understand your market position?

It's unbelievable how many people will say that their product is perfect for "everybody." Ideally, your product would know no bounds regarding consumer purchases, but your target market is not "everyone." Your investor will know that better than you. Show them the research of your target audience, how you will package your brand, and what messages you will use to engage and drive sales.

Have you put time and effort into your presentation?

Walking into a meeting unprepared isn't going to get you very far. These investors are looking for lucrative deals. Your presentation should include as much information about your business as possible. Include logos, branded images, mock-ups of packaging, and as many numbers as possible to illustrate why they should choose to work with you.

Brindiamo Group is poised to help startup businesses find success. Learn how we can help you minimize financial risk and see results. 

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