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The adult beverage industry is complex. Our usual stance on this sector takes an insider look at the benefits of mergers and acquisitions, improving your brand, and complying with regulations. But, that doesn't mean that it can't also be fun and games. There are a lot of ways to consume information about topics you enjoy or are in business with, and the adult beverage industry is no different.

We've compiled a list of some notable podcasts that cover a wide range of beverages. From beers to spirits and everything in between, these podcasts are dedicated to the fans and try to use their platform as a fun and entertaining way to talk about the adult beverage industry.

Good Beer Hunting

A little more than just a podcast, Good Beer Hunting is a multimedia platform that delivers some award-winning interviews with a wide range of individuals. All of whom have worked or are part of the craft beer scene. What's unique about their podcast is their ability to relay the information in a storytelling format. They utilize a collaboration of writers from around the globe to transform their stories. The podcast is an extension of their content, and well worth a listen regardless of you’re interest in beer.


Host Mark Gillespie "is passionate about whiskey, telling stories, ethics, and those he loves." And, he is very adamant that you spell it with an "e."The podcast was started using his broadcast journalism experience. Mark uses each episode as an opportunity to interview some of whiskeys legends. If you're a fan of whiskey too, then look no further than WhiskeyCast. You get two episodes a week that feature events and tasting notes. But, one of the biggest reasons the podcast has been successful for the past 14 years is the in-depth interviews.

Vino 101

Anyone who loves wine needs to listen to Vino 101. The team behind this podcast have one simple goal: "demystify the world of wine." They want to make education about wine more attainable and don't believe that you need to be snobbish to indulge. Each episode covers a range of topics. What you won't find on this show is a focus on price. The idea is to cover information about all types of wines whether it cost $10 or $100.

The Bourbon Show

The Bourbon Show is a dedicated resource that provides fans with the latest information and educational material. They are self-described as "creating bourbon content for bourbon fans, by bourbon fans. That’s who we are." They do this by discussing topics in a fun and entertaining way. The Bourbon Show takes a closer look at the latest information coming out the surrounds the bourbon industry.

The Sour Hour

The Sour Hour is described as a "multimedia resource for brewers and beer lovers."Brought to you from California, the podcast is one of a variety of platforms dedicated to the process of making wild ales. If you love ales and want more than just a good listen, you can also stream their videos online. Their stories are told with the help of mixed-fermentation brewers. Guests come from around the globe and talk about a range of subjects. Each show is dedicated to covering the techniques that make a sour beer.

I'll Drink to That

Another wine podcast, I'll Drink to That is hosted by Levi Dalton. Levi was a sommelier for many of America’s renowned dining rooms. Throughout his career, he has contributed articles to publications such as Wine & Spirits magazine and Bon Appetit. Now, he hosts a podcast and interviews different individuals who are shaping the wine industry. The range of guests includes everyone from winemakers to ambassadors. Getting a clearer picture of the wine industry is possible with a listen to just a few episodes.

Bourbon Pursuits

If you love insider interviews from the people who are active in the bourbon industry, then Bourbon Pursuits is for you. The team is comprised of Kenny Coleman who leads most of the show's conversation. Ryan Cecil a Kentuckian who has watched the industry grow. He offers a lot of comedic relief during every episode which complements each host. Then there is Fred Minnick. He's a best selling author and co-founder of the bourbon authority of the Kentucky Derby Museum. Fred will often co-host episodes with Ryan.

If you haven't checked it out already, Jeff Hopmayer was recently featured on an episode of Bourbon Pursuits. Jeff and the guys discuss sourcing and exposing information from an industry professional. You can click here for a refresher.

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