Best Tennessee Whiskey Distilleries

The only state we would argue Kentucky's whiskey is Tennessee, which is fortunate, as some members of the Brindiamo Group call Nashville home. Tennessee and Kentucky produce some of the world's best whiskey based on the proximity to limestone which adds a unique flavor to the spirit. Jack Daniel’s already has a worldwide reputation that can’t be beaten, but we wanted to address some of our favorite distillers from Tennessee just as great.


One of the first craft distilleries in Nashville since prohibition, Corsair was founded by two friends Darek Bell and Andrew Webber. Initially, the pair were set on homebrewing beer and wine until the idea of creating their whiskey struck Andrew, and they decided to act on it. The Distillery was founded in Bowling Green, KY in 2008 but opened in Nashville in 2010. You could call the pair urban pioneers and take full advantage of their creativity infusing it in their distilling methods. The company has many unique releases like their quinoa whiskey and the "Ryemadgeddon" crafted from rye. A favorite drink is the Triple Smoke a single malt whiskey. The mash bill is smoked by three different fuels: cherrywood, beechwood, and peated malt. Visit the distillery and enjoy a tour, tasting, or some cocktails.

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

Look no further than Nelson's Green Brier Distillery if you are interested in whiskey with some history. Coming to America from Germany, Nelson had to quickly find employment after his father passed away on the journey over. He made soap and candles but eventually found his way to whiskey after opening a successful grocery store in Nashville. Deciding to pursue whiskey full-time Nelson sold the grocery store and bought a distillery in Greenbrier, Tennessee. He holds the 5th license ever in the state of Tennessee, while other notable distilleries like Jack Daniels holds the 514th. A year after opening his distillery, he sold 380,000 gallons of whiskey with competitors topping around 23,000 gallons. They say his success was due to his distribution style being one of the first to sell whiskey in a bottle. Visit today, and you get an intimate tour of whiskey's history.

Pennington's Distilling Company

It's possible you might know Pennington by its former name SPEAKeasy Spirits. Their flagship brand is Whisper Creek® Tennessee Sipping Cream®. The creation of the Tennessee Sipping Cream® helped launch the brand's identity. Speaking of which, their brand identity is about quality ingredients locally sourced. Their products are made from grains sourced from Tennessee farmers. They recycle water and give the stillage to farmers to feed their animals. Pennington has a diverse portfolio including vodka, cordials, and rye whiskeys. Currently located in the historic Nations, visitors can get a tour and enjoy a small tasting.

Nashville Craft Distillery

You'll get a personalized experience by visiting Nashville Craft Distillery. The founder, Bruce Boeko, was a former DNA laboratory director. His science background comes into play during the distilling process, and you can respect his interest in the mechanics. Much like Pennington, Nashville Craft focuses on sourcing locally for both ingredients and resources. It is one of the newer distilleries in our list having opened in 2016. Book yourself a tour if you come down this way you won't be disappointed. When we said personal, we mean it. Boeko sometimes leads the tours himself and delves deep into the formulation of whiskey using whiteboards to help illustrate his points. You'll have plenty of chances for hands-on learning and smelling. Even the most veteran distillery visitor will leave having learned something new.

Tenn South Distillery

A lot of research went into the development of Tenn South Distillery and visitors and fans of the company aren't disappointed. The company was founded by two people focused on taking the time-honored distilling traditions and infusing it with modern twists. So began the extensive research on techniques and locations. They eventually settled in Tennessee to utilize the water to create an exceptional product. Tennessee and Kentucky are situated on a limestone geological feature that imparts water with rich minerals. The use of this base creates three different spirits, Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey, Big Machine Platinum Filtered Vodka, and All Mighty 140 Shine. You can visit the distillery for a complete tour and stop by their tasting room afterward.

George Dickel

Another vintage distiller is Geroge Dickel. Seven years before Nelson Green moved into the industry, Geroge Dickel opened Geo. A. Dickel & Co in Coffee County, Tennessee. George had his own ideas on how he preferred whiskey and thought it was better made in the winter rather than summer. The company employs this idea today chilling the whiskey before the charcoal-mellow filtration. Today, visitors can come in for a tour to learn more about their history. It's a little off the beaten path, so you might want to look it up on a map before you venture out. While you are there, you can ask more about the vintage bottles. It's suggested original bottles of his Tennessee Whiskey can pull a pretty penny.

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