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At Brindiamo Group, we do not provide your business with investment advice, however, our team recognizes and understands the challenges you may be facing when looking to invest in the adult beverage industry. We can assist and advise your business in diversifying your portfolio, from bourbon aging to whiskey barrel storage, potentially generating consistent appreciation for your business, wealth management company or for your individual investment.

Whiskey investments in more unique barrel ownership opportunities to enhance businesses for Beverage Investors
Barrel Ownership and Whiskey Investment Opportunities for Beverage Investors

Barrel Ownership and Whiskey Investment Opportunities

Barrel Ownership

Barrel ownership is a diverse investment opportunity that can often be long term. Whether you are an individual looking to own or profit from your own barrels, or a distillery looking to source barrels for your unique needs, we can help guide you through the process.

When it comes down to the hard facts, barrel aged liquor such as whiskey, bourbon, tequila, scotch all historically have become more valuable the longer it is able to age. As most of these are ready to be sold at about three to ten years of aging, wholesale investing in barrels can set your business up for success for years to come.

As a result of the economics of production, distilleries tend to bottle and sell their aged spirits as soon as they can. During this time, distilleries will often choose to sell younger barrels in order to generate some positive cash flow. This is where barrel ownership and wholesale investing can come in handy for distilleries or investors. Investing in barrel ownership paves the way for innovative positive cash generation possibilities.

The longer you age whiskey, tequila, scotch or bourbon, the rarer and more valuable it can become. With investments in more unique barrel ownership opportunities and storage, your business can enhance your portfolio.

Distillery Partnerships

The quality, desirability, and long-term growth of an alcohol like whiskey, bourbon, tequila, scotch and brandy can be driven by the source distillery. In order to serve as a quality investment, distilleries must have a proven track record for delivering spirits that meet the highest standards of that base liquid.

This also includes aged spirits that provide distinct tastes, flavors and aromas that resonate with consumer preference. With over 50 years in the adult beverage industry, Brindiamo Group has formed direct partnerships with the premiere distilleries, Hall of Fame Master Distillers and Master Blenders. With these partnerships in tow, our team can connect you with the right opportunities.

With that in mind, our client relationships extend beyond the purchase of your barrels. At Brindiamo Group, our team stands by you every step of the way.

We’ve been in your shoes.

Collectively, our team here at Brindiamo Group is full of thriving spirit entrepreneurs. We’ve risked it all within the industry before, and through the good times and bad times, we know what running an alcohol business takes. With your goals in mind, we don’t charge our clients any fees until we deliver results. So what do you have to lose?

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