for the Modern Adult Beverage Company

Whether you are a brand owner, investor or a distillery looking for bespoke base liquid solutions for a new or existing brand or you’re a seller of excess liquid, sourcing solutions can be challenging on your own. With our years of deep experience and vast relationships, we can tackle your needs in no time.

Our team here at Brindiamo Group has maintained hundreds of personal relationships with an unrivaled network of suppliers. With one of the largest private inventories of bourbon and whiskey available, we can generally service your needs directly, but if we cannot, we know where it is, and we can get it for you.

Whiskey investments in more unique barrel ownership opportunities to enhance businesses for Beverage Investors
Barrel Ownership and Whiskey Investment Opportunities for Beverage Investors

Available Whiskey Inventory

How it works

Whether you’re planning to buy one cask or thousands, we are here to assist you every step of the way.


The Bindiamo Group’s extensive experience has fostered
trusted relationships, providing us with diverse access to sources of Scotch Whisky.


Our storage and insurance programs allow you to age your casks with confidence until they are ready for bottling.

Buying Resources & Consulting Services

Brindiamo Group is one of the largest bulk bourbon and whiskey suppliers in the world and has years of experience sourcing bulk liquor for a variety of companies in the adult beverage industry. For those in need of a more continuous stream of liquid products, we have the resources you need. Marrying the practical experience of our team of experts with our long list of reputable suppliers allows our clients to get their business to market with quality bulk supplies.

Vast Network of Suppliers

Our team here at Brindiamo Group has maintained hundreds of personal relationships with an unrivaled network of suppliers, distributors, strategics and distilleries. We can connect you with the right relationships to get your business on track in the spirits industry.

Fast, Efficient Route to Market

Here at Brindiamo Group, we have built a reputation for making spirit sourcing as fast and efficient as possible. Partnering our practical, sustainable solutions with our first-hand experience running businesses within the adult beverage industry, our long list of reputable suppliers and access to our existing inventory can get your business out to market, typically faster then you might have planned. When it comes time to implement your sourcing strategy, our team will take a leading role in managing sourcing protocols.

We do this by:

  • Evaluating & implementing sound inventory allocations

  • Identifying compatible opportunities in the marketplace

  • Formulating economical solutions to help you maintain your price points and margins

Comprehensive Service Packages

At Brindiamo Group, we take a holistic approach to helping our clients. With a goal to empower and support spirit businesses, we provide various complimentary services. Within every project we take on, our aim is to connect with our clients and facilitate relationships with our extensive list of spirit partners. Married with our beverage industry knowledge, capital and more, Brindiamo Group aims to ensure our clients achieve their goals.

Every client is different and the solutions that we create for each of them are just as distinct. Our services can include:

  • Liquid Sourcing

  • Strategy & Advisory

  • Financial Solutions

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Marketing & Branding


If you feel that your business would benefit from liquid sourcing solutions, wholesale bulk investments, advisory and strategic services, plus much more, Brindiamo Group has the results-driven services for you. For us, this is all about helping support our fellow entrepreneurs. If you consider yourself a thought leader in the adult beverage industry, then we want to hear from you! See how Brindiamo Group can support your business.

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