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mergers and acquisitions in the alcohol industry

At Brindiamo Group, we have a long track record of successful mergers and acquisitions in the alcohol industry. As we aim to constantly cultivate and maintain our relationships, nobody understands the challenges, risks, and rewards of running a business in the adult beverage industry better than we do.

Whiskey investments in more unique barrel ownership opportunities to enhance businesses for Beverage Investors
Barrel Ownership and Whiskey Investment Opportunities for Beverage Investors


Our expert, entrepreneurial team has decades of experience founding, building, buying, and selling spirit companies. Our team would love nothing more than to put our expertise and experience to work, ensuring you get the deal that you deserve. Our team of industry experts is equipped to provide a wide variety of services within the spirit industry. The breadth of our offerings enables us to take a holistic approach to every step of the way, with every business we partner with, making us a true one-stop-shop.

  • Advisory Services: We advise both publicly traded and privately held entities operating within the adult beverage industry. We aim to guide them through complex mergers and acquisitions. Whether you are buying or selling, we are here to make sure that you are making the right choices to get a fair price.
  • Business Valuation: Working in cooperation with your team, we can provide industry-based valuations of both public and private businesses. A trustworthy valuation is a critical step towards ensuring a fair deal for your company, and we’re here to help
  • Deal Solicitation: We will work with your team to create and prepare a compelling presentation that accurately captures the value of your proposition and the identity of your business. From there, we will set up pitch meetings with strategic members of our sizable network in the global adult beverage industry.

Here at Brindiamo Group, we want our clients to recognize that they are in reliable, good hands. In order to make sure that there are zero conflicts in the deals we work on, we accept clients in the arena of mergers and acquisitions on a highly selective basis. However, this selectivity is not at the expense of versatility.





Is your company looking to grow, pivot, or evolve through the acquisition of a smaller enterprise or a strategic merger? If so, Brindiamo Group can help. Collectively, our team has had personal first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, dealing with the challenges your spirit business may be facing currently. Partnering our experience with your aim to invest in the industry, we provide services ranging from negotiating the terms of the transaction to presenting plans to all stakeholders.


Are you looking to sell, be acquired by or merge with a larger company? If so, do you have an effective exit strategy in place? In order to effectively sell your adult beverage company, you will need a team of experienced professionals to ensure that your interests are protected. With this in mind, we know exactly what is at stake for you and your business. With your interests and assets protected, our team can ensure you relinquish your business into the best hands.


At Brindiamo Group, we put our clients first. We are proud to do business according to a results-driven cost structure. This means that depending on the engagement of your project, we do not charge our clients a single penny unless the deal closes. We will only take on new clients if we know that we can deliver the results, and only when the deal closes will we collect our fee.

We are in the business of helping our fellow entrepreneurs, no matter how far into their journey they may be. From blossoming start-ups to corporate giants, our mission is to put honesty and transparency above all else in our partnerships.

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