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At the Brindiamo Group, we take pride in offering the highest quality Irish whiskey sourced directly from renowned distilleries across Ireland. Whether you are a new or established brand or investor, we provide an extensive inventory of premium Irish whiskey to meet your specific needs.

Our Range of Bulk Irish whiskey

Our inventory includes an impressive variety of Irish whiskey aimed at capturing its four categories

Single Malt Irish whiskey

Made from 100% malted barley, distilled in copper pot stills, and typically aged in oak casks, this premium whiskey variety boasts rich and complex flavors that showcase the craftsmanship of Irish distillers.

Blended Irish whiskey

A blend of two or more types of Irish whiskey – Pot Still, Malt or Grain – blended Irish whiskey offers a balanced and versatile taste profile.

Pot Still Irish whiskey

Ireland’s traditional whiskey, pot still Irish whiskey must include a minimum of 30% malted barley, 30% unmalted barely, and may contain up to 5% of other grains. Commonly distilled with 50% malted and 50% unmalted barley, pot still Irish whiskey is an encapsulation of Irish distilling history.

Grain Irish whiskey

From a mash bill of up to 30% malted barley and unmalted grains such as maize, wheat, or barley, grain Irish whiskey is column still only and often provides the base for blending.

Quality Assurance

Our distillery partners undergo rigorous vetting of their distillation quality and storage practices. Working in partnership with some of Ireland’s oldest and most reputable distilleries, we provide whiskey that lives up to its reputation.

Sourcing and Shipping

Your location should not limit your access to Irish whiskey. Our efficient logistics and shipping capabilities enable us to cater to clients of all sizes around the world. If you are looking to age your inventory in Ireland, we have storage and insurance solutions available to give your casks time to mature to the flavor profile you want.


Why Choose Irish whiskey?


Irish whiskey has a long and storied tradition dating back centuries, and it is renowned worldwide for its smooth and distinctive taste. Triple distilled, Irish whiskey offers a light and more approachable flavor profile with characteristic notes of honey, vanilla, fruit, and gentle spices, making it an excellent choice to drink neat or mix in cocktails.

Bulk Ordering, Storing and Shipping

Whether you require a small batch or a large volume, Brindiamo Group accommodates orders of various sizes. Our efficient shipping and logistics ensure prompt delivery to your location, whether local or international. Should you want to continue aging your product, Brindiamo offers barrel insurance, storage and management until you are ready to bottle or sell your inventory.

Barrel ownership and whiskey investment opportunities with Brindiamo Group

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If you’re interested in sourcing bulk Irish Whiskey or have any inquiries about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We look forward to assisting you in the rapidly growing world of Irish whiskey.



Alex Peirce / Partner – Brindiamo Ireland

Based in Dublin, Alex spearheads Brindiamo’s growth in the global Irish Whiskey market.

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