Nearing the end of 2021 and just two weeks before Christmas, tornadoes destroyed and ravaged hundreds of homes across western Kentucky. Soon after, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Bourbon Crusaders, and others banded together to plan a six-day auction to raise money that would benefit survivors and their rebuilding efforts.

Twenty-five years earlier, a similar display of community and camaraderie within the bourbon industry occurred. After Heaven Hill Distillery – the country’s largest family-owned and operated distillery – caught fire and burnt to the ground, its bourbon partners and competitors alike distilled its renowned whiskey until it could be rebuilt.

These are only two examples of how the bourbon industry is more than a business. Bourbon is special for the following reasons and more:

  1. Something To Be Shared
  2. Community Over Competition
  3. Creating A Legacy
  4. Trustworthy Partnerships

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Something To Be Shared

Bourbon has a way of bringing people together. After pouring a drink, it is natural to share stories and experiences with those around you. This is precisely why bourbon is meant to be shared.

From discussing favorite drinks and distilling methods to seeking out ways to sample various brands, bourbon lovers find that conversation can flow easily with others who share their same passion. Even when they keep their secrets tightly sealed, master brewers and distillers still have more than enough to chat about!

Community Over Competition

Speaking of secrets, it’s worth pointing out that even the biggest brands in the bourbon industry prefer nurturing a sense of community over focusing on their competition. Yes, there is competition, but it’s not what the bourbon community values most.

Just take a gander at the countless bourbon associations, societies, and networking opportunities available! The bourbon community truly is one of the most significant perks – both professionally and personally – of being involved in this business. With new brands and distilleries making their way on the scene every day, and seasoned experts looking to invest in the next generation of distillers, bourbon lovers value what ages well with time: friendships and, of course, bourbon.

Creating A Legacy

Another reason bourbon is special? Mix together the passion for the distinctive American spirit and the industry’s strong sense of community, and you end up with a beautiful legacy. In a few words, bourbon lovers want the product and the industry as a whole to succeed! They want bourbon to live well beyond their lifetimes.

While new ideas and techniques are constantly being introduced, preserving the history of bourbon is something to which all bourbon enthusiasts are dedicated.

Trustworthy Partnerships

Brindiamo Group is in the business of helping our fellow entrepreneurs, no matter how far into their journey they may be. From coming alongside blossoming start-ups and corporate giants, our mission is to put honesty and transparency above all else in our partnerships.

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