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We're here to help. Every member on the Brindiamo team has personal experience in the entrepreneurial world. As a beverage venture capital team that has helped to build multi-million dollar companies in the adult beverage industry, we operate within both the public and private sectors.

Our goal and business at Brindiamo Group is to ultimately to help your adult beverage businesses thrive within the industry. We do so in a number of different ways. From liquid solutions to assisting with mergers and acquisitions — no matter where you and your company are on your journey, our liquor consultants can guide your business with strategic advisory services.

Whiskey investments in more unique barrel ownership opportunities to enhance businesses for Beverage Investors
Barrel Ownership and Whiskey Investment Opportunities for Beverage Investors

For Businesses Working With Spirits

When it comes to businesses within the spirits industry, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. At Brindiamo Group, our liquor consultants strive to craft unique strategies for our clients that speak to their business. For this reason, our strategy and advisory processes can vary from project to project. Although strategies and solutions may differ from one client to another, our process is well-defined as such:

Assessment & Evaluation

Before any meaningful advisory or strategy services can be provided, our team must first spend time getting to know your company. We want to learn about why you’re in the business, what you hope to accomplish, and what your big-picture goals are. We like to jump-start our learning process by:

  • Assessing the core value proposition of your business

  • Identifying key growth drivers for your business

  • Gaining an understanding of your opportunities and challenges

  • Analyzing viable strategic courses of action

Planning & Preparation

Once organizational goals have been established and we have gained a granular understanding of your enterprise, we will work in cooperation with your team to plot a course for success. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for a liquidation event like a sale or divestiture, or simply building your business; either way, we can help in many different ways, including:

  • Developing a sound business plan or selling strategy

  • Identifying potential purchasers, investors, or strategic partners

  • Preparing confidential marketing materials

  • Assembling a dynamic transactional team of professionals

Due Diligence

In cooperation with your team, the Brindiamo team will put our considerable expertise to work to perform general due diligence work to make sure that your goals are within striking distance, and that you get the deal you deserve.

  • Reviewing and negotiating offers

  • Screening, vetting, and helping to select prospective buyers or investors

  • Managing and fielding requests for additional information

  • Providing constant counsel to your management team

Closing The Deal

As veteran entrepreneurs, we’ve closed many lucrative deals in our time, and we know the risks. We know exactly where things can go wrong, and we know how to keep our clients out of trouble. As you prepare to close the deal, we will work in conjunction with your legal team by:

  • Negotiating key facets of the agreement

  • Assessing the final terms

  • Guiding the transaction to a successful close

  • And celebrating with you and your team!


Throughout all of our processes, our team puts honesty and transparency above all else. With this in mind, we don’t accept projects if we do not think we will be able to deliver results. Instead of utilizing traditional retainer fee-based cost structures, we do business according to a results-driven structure.

This means, depending on the engagement of your project, we do not charge our clients anything until we have delivered the results. In this way, we put the interests of our clients first, and actively work to earn our place in their business.

Think that Brindiamo Group might be a good fit to work with your business? Then all you have to do is reach out to us and tell us about yourself!

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