As investors, we found our way into some really valuable relationships in this industry, of which Brindiamo is probably the most important one. When it comes to whiskey, he who has access to the materials is going to win. They have extraordinary access.
- Dan Hogan
Barrel Stock Trading Co.
You don't go into [the bourbon business" thinking that a rickhouse would collapse, but if there is something like that, then the insurance is going to replace your barrels... Brindiamo has them insured.
- Jim Wrigley
Brindiamo Client
We're constantly tasting, buying and seeing what's available. We know Brindiamo will have something we're looking for at the right time that fits a gap. We needed a short run of barrels for a special project; two weeks later they were at our door. Brindiamo is a good resource for filling gaps in some of our bigger projects.
- Michael Hinds
Chief Bourbon Guy
Nashville Barrel Co.