Blind tastings are a vital practice in the bourbon and whiskey industry for several compelling reasons. These tastings ensure objectivity by leveling the playing field, thereby affirming the quality, promoting diversity, and creating a setting where the focus is solely on the spirit’s merit rather than its branding or prestige. This approach ensures that excellence and craftsmanship are the true measures of success.

At Brindiamo, we take pride in being a full-service solutions provider for the sourcing, insurance, and storage of whiskey barrels and casks. We actively support blind tasting competitions, recognizing their role in impartial evaluation and championing the brands we work with as they strive for recognition. As alcohol industry consultants, we assist clients in navigating the complex landscape of whiskey production, where dedication and creativity are paramount. For us, it’s not just about sourcing whiskey; it’s about fostering quality and distinction in every drop. 


Which Blind Tasting Competitions Should You Enter?

In selecting the right blind-tasting competition for your brand, thorough research is crucial. Consider factors such as the competition’s reputation, the profile of judges, winner benefits, entry categories, and the feedback mechanism. Among the many options available, notable competitions include World Whiskies Awards, the San Francisco Spirits Competition, the consumer-judged SIP Awards, the innovative Ascot Awards, the industry-respected Tasting Panel Awards, the regionally significant South’s Best Awards, or the New York World Spirits Competition can significantly boost your brand’s reputation. Accolades not only affirm the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of your whiskey on a global or national stage but also offer a unique opportunity to showcase your product’s appeal directly to consumers, industry insiders, and connoisseurs alike. 

Highlighting your success in these prestigious competitions in your marketing materials can reinforce your brand’s standing in the industry, attract a broader audience, and further differentiate your whiskey in a saturated market, making it clear that your product is recognized by the best in the industry and is a top choice among discerning drinkers everywhere.


Here’s why accolades garnered from blind tastings are so important for bourbon and whiskey brands:

Ensuring Objectivity

The primary benefit of blind tasting is the elimination of bias. Without knowledge of the brand, price, or reputation, the taster’s judgment is based purely on the sensory experience. This objectivity is essential in an industry where marketing can heavily influence perceptions.

Focus on Quality

Blind tasting forces the focus to shift solely to the quality of the whiskey. This method assesses the color, aroma, taste, and finish without any preconceived notions. Awards and recognition based on blind tasting can often elevate a lesser-known whiskey based purely on its merit, which can be a boon for smaller distilleries competing against established brands.

Consumer Confidence

When a bourbon or whiskey wins an award from a blind tasting, it can significantly boost consumer confidence in the product. Enthusiasts and casual consumers alike may be more inclined to purchase a bottle if they know it has been vetted and praised without brand influence.

Encouraging Diversity

Blind tasting accolades encourage diversity within the industry. They allow for a range of whiskeys to be celebrated, from craft distillers to international brands. This diversity can lead to a more vibrant and innovative market, as producers strive not just for effective marketing, but for high-quality spirits.

Market Disruption

New or unexpected winners in blind tastings can disrupt the market. A high-quality bourbon or whiskey that may have been overlooked can suddenly gain attention and demand, shaking up sales and consumer preferences.

Educational Value

For both connoisseurs and newcomers, blind tasting accolades are an educational tool. They can help drinkers develop a palate and understanding of what constitutes a quality whiskey without being swayed by the brand.

Upholding Standards

Consistent results in blind tastings can even raise the standards within the bourbon and whiskey industry. This quality competition can drive novel production techniques and aging processes, leading to an overall better product.


When our clients shine, achieving recognition for their unparalleled products, it reinforces our mission at Brindiamo to be a neutral facilitator in the quest for exceptional whiskey. We are more than consultants; we are partners in your journey towards excellence.

At Brindiamo, we want to be your trusted source for the highest quality bulk whiskey: Scotch, Irish and American.