Brindiamo Penthouse at Spalding Hall, Bardstown, KY

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Welcome to the Brindiamo Penthouse, a luxurious retreat dedicated to the celebration of bourbon. Situated within historic Bardstown's Spalding Hall, this meticulously designed sanctuary pays tribute to Kentucky's rich bourbon heritage.

We take great pride in our collaborations with esteemed organizations such as the Bourbon Capital Guild, Bourbon Capital Academy, and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, all committed to showcasing Bardstown’s distinction as the Bourbon Capital of the World.

The Brindiamo Penthouse is an extraordinary venue tailored to meet diverse requirements, serving as an ideal backdrop for Bourbon Capital Guild gatherings, educational tastings, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and exclusive private events. With utmost attention to detail, every aspect of this exceptional space has been meticulously planned to create an immersive experience that captures the essence of Bardstown's bourbon legacy. Remarkable highlights encompass a stunning custom-made bar, private bourbon storage lockers, versatile meeting areas, and an elegant classroom ambiance. The Brindiamo Penthouse was designed by the world-renowned architectural firm Joseph & Joseph Architects.

What People Are Saying About the Brindiamo Penthouse

Oh my gosh - It is beyond my expectations. I mean, the renderings were beautiful, but to walk into that door and see the lounge space and see the people mingling and getting cocktails in the space how it was designed is so incredible. I am so proud. It’s incredible and I can’t wait to spend many, many more moments here.
- Anna Hibbs
Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Heaven Hill Brands
Let me tell you, it is absolutely amazing. The transformation that comes through and all of the ways we’re going to be able to use this for Bardstown are just incredible. I am really excited for it.
- Adam Inman
Hospitality Director
Old Steelhouse Distillery
The Brindiamo Penthouse has exceeded our expectations. You know, it’s filled a void we’ve had in Bardstown. We haven’t had that VIP experience when we have people from out of state, out of country –– people we really want to wine and dine and show them something special. We’ve really lacked that here. It is state of the art. It is one of the coolest bourbon experiences.
- Kim Huston
Nelson Co. Economic Development Agency
Like everything that Jeff Hopmayer does, it is perfect! Perfect for Bardstown, perfect for Nelson Co, we’re happy to be a part of it.
- Wally Dant
President & Distiller
Log Still Distillery

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