Brindiamo Rickhouses at Log Still Distillery


The Brindiamo Rickhouses at Log Still Distillery provide traditional company-owned storage with roughly 30,000 barrels per rickhouse. They house barrels that Brindiamo owns, as well as Log Still barrels and some third-party barrels. The growth continues with more rickhouses planned. This capacity scales up the company’s value proposition and passes through cost savings on insurance to its many customers and investors. The strategic partnership between Brindiamo and Log Still provides unique advantages to enhance operations at the distillery. Barrels are managed and operated by experienced teams on the grounds of Log Still Distillery in Gethsemene, KY.

The Brindiamo Group, established in 2012, has swiftly risen to become a global leader in sourcing bulk whiskey. The dedicated team of alcohol industry beverage experts leverages a wealth of experience and extensive industry connections to maximize potential for investors, brands and distilleries in the industry. From promising alcohol start-ups to established adult beverage brands to savvy investors, Brindiamo’s team across the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom is committed to assisting clients in sourcing the right premium liquid at the right time.

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