Jeff Hopmayer

Jeff Hopmayer
Founder, Brindiamo Group

Jeff Hopmayer's name is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the beverage alcohol industry. His expertise in wine and spirits spans a broad spectrum, including bourbon and whiskey sourcing, brand development, mergers, acquisitions, and financial strategies. He founded the Brindiamo Group in 2012 and it marks his most significant entrepreneurial achievement.

Under Hopmayer's guidance, Brindiamo has ascended to prominence as one of the premier providers of bulk bourbon and whiskey globally. Drawing on a strong network of connections and industry insight, his approach has been instrumental in expanding Brindiamo's operations through strategic services, asset management, ownership of whiskey barrels, barrel supply, and storage facilities (rick houses) across the United States and Europe.

Hopmayer's dedication to whiskey education and community involvement is showcased through various initiatives, notably the Brindiamo Penthouse established in Bardstown, KY, in 2022. In partnership with the Bourbon Capital Academy and Kentucky Bourbon Festival, it serves as a hub for bourbon tastings and industry networking events. Furthermore, Brindiamo's principal sponsorship of the World Whiskies Awards underscores its commitment to promoting excellence within the industry.

Throughout his 30+ year career in the beverage alcohol industry, Hopmayer has served on multiple boards including Stoli, Amber Beverage, SPI Group, Bardstown Bourbon Company, Garrard Co. Distilling Co./Staghorn, Log Still Distillery, InvestBev, and MStreet. His philanthropic endeavors encompass a vast array of organizations and foundations reflecting his dedication to the industry, the arts, and beyond.