Jeff Hopmayer

Jeff Hopmayer

An entrepreneur at heart, Jeff Hopmayer has firmly planted his roots in the food and adult beverage industry. Fresh out of the University of Denver’s business school in 1988, Jeff founded and operated a bakery in Chicago. Over the course of 11 years, this business would grow to become the largest preferred food supplier of Starbucks, as well as a major player in the international food industry at large. Jeff soon found himself on the cover of Inc., Forbes, and Fortune, and was deemed a rising star in the global food and beverage marketplace.

When the time came, Jeff sold this company in favor of returning to his entrepreneurial roots. He then founded a new company, based out of Nashville, which specialized in wine and spirits. This company gained success and grew very quickly. After finding success in over 44 countries, Jeff eventually took the company public on the London Stock Exchange.

After several years of success, Jeff bought back all the company’s U.S.-based assets and returned to the private sector. As years passed, Jeff began to narrow the scope of this enterprise to focus specifically on wine. This led him to purchase a large winery and vineyard in California. Finally, after several years at the helm, he hung up his CEO role to begin consulting.

With more than 30 years of experience as a Chief Executive in both the public and private sectors of the adult-beverage industry, Jeff has built companies from the ground up. Through that process, he has overseen mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, and much more. Jeff has gained extensive experience in the retail, consumer products, and adult beverage arenas through these companies, and is now sharing his knowledge with other entrepreneurs through Brindiamo Group.

Jeff sits on the board of several privately owned companies in the consumer products space, as well as a private equity firm and a Chicago-based foundation.