Throughout history, all industries have undergone changes. Trends, brands, and liquor regulations constantly change in the alcohol, adult beverage industry. As digital distribution and creativity in the industry improve and grow, we can expect to see an increasing number of exciting and new alcohol beverages on the market in the future.

As a result, you will want to be able to keep up with the latest trends in the adult beverage industry. Brindiamo Group has the new and upcoming alcohol news you’ll always need. To learn more about recent industry growth patterns, spirit resurgences and so much more, read on.

Here’s what has been going on in the adult beverage industry as of late:

  • Craft Adult Beverages
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Agave Influenced Liquor
  • Brindiamo Group Helps You get into the Alcohol Business

Craft Adult Beverages

One of the most popular shifts we’ve seen in the adult beverage industry as of late is a rising demand for craft brewed beers, craft cocktails and more. While most bars have opened their doors back up in the last year, many consumers had that time at home to be able to cultivate their own crafty cocktails, expand their liquor pallets and more.

With more and more at-home alcohol beverage innovation, consumers began to search for that same innovation outside of their homes, as our society moved past lockdown. With a growing demand for innovative breweries, craft beer and inspired cocktails have become more popular in the United States.

Due to this, craft beer and high-quality spirits continue to increase in variety, flavor profiles and more. Traditional styles and flavors are becoming less important to consumers as they become more adventurous with their alcohol flavor choices. With shifts in culture, comes shifts in consumerism. With that in mind, we can only expect to see these innovative adult beverages continue to grow and diversify.

Digital Accessibility

While the internet and direct-to-consumer platforms like Amazon have been around for quite some time now, consumers have never really been able to enjoy the direct digital accessibility of their favorite spirits like they can today. Up until the hit of the pandemic, most Spirit brands did not have any presence on an ecommerce platform.

Outside of the fact that some states still do not allow digital liquor accessibility, with a rise in demand due to the pandemic lockdowns, more and more adult beverage companies began to emerge in the ecommerce world. Now, as many state governors and their state liquor control agencies have been extremely helpful in finding ways for in-state producers to enhance their digital distribution options, accessing your favorite wines, vodkas and more has never been easier. With a controlled system that tracks the shipments of products directly to consumers, these adult beverage ecommerce sites are able to collect state taxes, and mandate receipt signatures by only those aged 21 or above.

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Agave Influenced Liquor

As tequila and mezcal sales have climbed by 17.4% in the last year, industry experts are seeing a huge increase in demand for unique takes on original tequila blends. The agave flavor is an important component of traditional tequila blends. As tequila is a fan favorite amongst most alcohol consumers, more and more spirit innovators are beginning to incorporate this agave flavor in new, unique ways.

In contrast to traditional agave spirits such as sotol and racilla, this new take on agave infused liquor is not what you’re used to. These unique distilled liquids include agave distilled vodka, gin, Canadian whiskey, and even cognac. With such innovation pouring into these traditional styles of adult beverages, you can expect to see a variety of agave distilled spirits available on the market in the next coming months and years.

Brindiamo Group Helps You get into the Alcohol Business

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