Brindiamo Group President and CFO Jeff Steinberg announced that the company has been slowly building up its resources in Ireland and now has accumulated an inventory close to 10,000 barrels of Irish Whiskey, new-make to 20+ years old. Additionally, the company has a new, dedicated Brindiamo warehouse in West Cork, Ireland that will provide storage for Irish Whiskey barrels along with other locations around the country. The warehouse is situated on the grounds of West Cork Distillers, located near the small maritime town of Skibbereen in County Cork, Ireland.

Steinberg said, “This is a major development in our strategy for logistics and facilities in the Irish market, where we see the potential for tremendous growth. With a capacity of approximately 12,000 casks, this first Brindiamo warehouse in Ireland will better serve our clients with their barrel storage requirements.”

Brindiamo’s Chairman and CEO, Jeff Hopmayer, added, “This modern warehouse is a joint effort between Brindiamo and West Cork Distillers. It provides dedicated storage with barrels being managed and operated by experienced teams on the grounds of West Cork Distillers.”

Co-founder and former Powerscourt Distillery managing director Alex Peirce, who is now a consultant to Brindiamo, introduced Hopmayer to John O’Connell, co-founder of West Cork Distillers, the largest wholly Irish-owned distillery in the country. Peirce said, “The procurement of our warehouse is a real game-changer for Brindiamo and our clients. We anticipate this will be the first of many Brindiamo-owned warehouses in Ireland and later in Scotland, as we become more involved in the Irish and Scotch markets.”

O’Connell, was very excited to partner with Brindiamo on the new warehouse. “I had known of Brindiamo for many years and Jeff Hopmayer is one of the most high-standing individuals in the spirits industry, so it was a pleasure to come onboard and the relationship has been nothing but positive. The key factor to the success of any project is the character of the individuals involved and Jeff has proven to be of great ability and huge integrity and West Cork is delighted to work with Brindiamo on this and future projects.”



About the Brindiamo Group, LLC

Established in 2012, the Brindiamo Group is a preeminent consulting firm for the beverage alcohol industry and one of the largest bulk bourbon and whiskey suppliers in the world. The leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs and executives with more than 150 years combined experience in both the public and private sectors of the spirits industry. Brindiamo team members have consulted with countless distilleries, brands and individuals worldwide, sharing their expertise and knowledge, developing long-term supply strategies, dynamic liquid sourcing and strategic partnering. From start-ups to seasoned alcohol brands among its clients, Brindiamo Group is shaping the future of beverage alcohol worldwide.


About West Cork Distillers

West Cork Distillers is Ireland’s oldest and largest independent distillery. WCD was established in Union Hall West Cork by three childhood friends, Denis McCarthy, Ger McCarthy and John O’Connell. WCD relocated from Union Hall to the local town, Skibbereen in 2013 and relocated again to Marsh Road, Skibbereen in 2017. The Marsh Road facility operates 24×7.


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